Got a fear of dentists?
We’re here to help!

Working with you for a healthy smile:

  • Utmost understanding of your problems
  • Psychologically trained staff
  • First appointment is a consultation only: no dentist’s chair or instruments!
  • Personal treatment plan tailored to your needs
  • Option of being treated under general anaesthetic
  • Our result: A worry-free, radiant smile

It’s not uncommon to feel a bit uneasy before a dental appointment. Many people do. But for some people, this unease turns into outright panic – a fear that often ends up in them avoiding dentists for years even when they have an urgent problem. This usually leads to a downward spiral that’s difficult to get out of. The more time that passes, the worse the dental problems become, and the greater the shame and fear of going to the dentist.

Is this you? Then our practice is the place for you. We specialise in treating anxious patients with care and compassion. With patience and understanding, we work with you to face and overcome your fears, and help you regain a healthy, brilliant smile. In addition to intensive consultations, special treatment methods can help anxious patients, ranging from step-by-step approaches to gentle treatments under general anaesthetic or procedural sedation.

Free to laugh happily and healthy - We'll help you get there

Do you also have a fear of dentists or has it been a while since you had a dental check-up? You don’t need to feel embarrassed about calling or emailing us. The Dentists Flensburg practice specialises in treating anxious patients. With patience and understanding, we will work with you to help you face and overcome your fears, and give you the gift of a happy, healthy smile in the gentlest way possible. We adopt a step-by-step approach: from confidential consultations, to an initial, very careful diagnosis, to treatment tailored specifically to minimise your fears, we work with you to find a way of getting rid of your anxiety forever, enabling your worry-free enjoyment of healthy teeth. On request, we can also perform treatments under general anaesthetic or procedural sedation.